All about home plants you don't know

Опубликовано: 05.03.2017

741 All about home plants you dont knowBegonia can be a small herbaceous plant, not exceeding 3 cm and relatively high shrub. Some species have no stem, others have only one leaf. The leaves are different shades of green, the reverse side is plain or covered with spots and patterns. The flowers shine with the variety of warm colors.

Begonia blooms very richly and vividly. It has gorgeous flowers like roses, camellias, daffodils, carnations. An elegant variety of flowers adorns the summer garden from early summer until September. If the plant is in the room, the flowering time is increased - begonia blooms from late spring to late autumn. How to care for begonias at home?

Indoor plant prefers to grow in bright light. The neediest are flowering specimens. However, in the heat plant should be shaded from the active sun, because by doing this, you can prevent burns. Decorative foliage varieties need an ambient light, so place the flower on the East or West windowsill.

Caring for potted flower involves the creation of a specific microclimate. As a tropical plant, it needs high humidity, however, experts do not recommend spraying. Since getting on the leaves, the water leads to brown spots. Pour the supernatant water when 1,5 cm clod of the earth already dry from the previous watering. In winter reduce watering.

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Gladiolus planting and handling aspects

Timely planting of Gladiolus in the open ground is the key to a beautiful flowering bulb. It's best planted in a sunny, protected from the wind area. To achieve a beautiful and long flowering, the plant should be properly planted.

Before planting the Gladiolus, you must handle the bulbs and the ground. It is the key to health and beauty. You should sprinkle the prepared bed with a solution of metronidazole (10 tablets per 10 liters of water). It is sold in a pharmacy.

The bulbs before planting are soaked in a germicidal preparation for 20 minutes. After that, they need to be dried for half an hour.

Step by step planting:

  • Fill the planting hole with NPK and superphosphate.
  • Press a little the corms into the ground.
  • Sprinkle them with wood ashes.
  • Fill with the ground so it formed a hole.
  • Water.

The proper planting of Gladiolus is quite troublesome and requires specific knowledge. You should necessary know when to grow Gladiolus, how to choose the right place for planting, what composition of the soil will be the most optimal for growing these beautiful creatures.

Experienced growers share a secret: to achieve the good flowering you shouldn't plant Gladiolus every year in the same place - the plants will be at high risk of disease. Undesirable precursors for Gladiolus are asters, phloxes, and other plants prone to fungal infections. Good, if you have the opportunity to plant Gladiolus on the spot where the previous year was growing onions, garlic, cucumbers.